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Sacunas is a fully integrated business-to-business communications agency forged from a team of experts who inspire original thinking, breakthrough strategies and daring creativity. We’ve been supporting our clients and providing unparalleled client service for over 25 years.

Bring us your marketing needs. We’ll bring our brilliance, passion and dedication.

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integrated communications

As one of the top B2B marketing and branding agencies in the nation, we support clients with integrated services including brand development, market strategy, creative designs, public relations and digital solutions.


Integral architecture.
If we build it, they will come.

Get Noticed


Intelligent planning.
Check and mate.

Stay Ahead


Inspired imagination.
We make magic happen.

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Public Relations

Impeccable storytelling.
We find angles Euclid would find impressive.

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Ingenious action.
Dare we say our performance is Oscar-worthy?

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I-SeriesHow we build brands

our branding strategy

Not only do we have success GPS–we developed it.

Meet the I-series®, our trademarked branding process that has successfully introduced more than 65 brands and redefined hundreds more. Our liquid, four-part proven approach is driven by our award-winning team of brandologists. We’ll take your vision, identify your competitive uniqueness and develop a brand strategy designed to put you out in front and navigate your path to success.

See the I-series®

Our work

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core industry expertise

  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Professional Services
  • Energy
  • Building Materials
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Auda Explore

    AudaExplore tradeshow materials included email marketing, website landing pages, tradeshow booth design, videos, and printed materials.

  • 01-AudaExplore_StyleGuide

    Auda Explore Tradeshow Style Guide

  • 03-AE_NACE_BoothDesign
    Booth design for NACE convention.
  • 04-AudaExplore-Tradeshow
    Auda Explore tradeshow Booth
  • Auda Explore - Not Too Distant Future Video
    "Not Too Distant Future" video production for Auda Explore trade show.
  • 07-AE_NACE_splash
    NACE website splash page
  • 08-Bifold-AUDABrochure
    Auda penny brochure for NACE tradeshow
  • 09-AE_NACE_Shirts
    NACE branded shirts for employees
  • 10-NACE_Suite_Graphics_Sign
    NACE suite sign graphics
  • Crestcom
    Crestcom marketing strategy included website, mobile app, digital marketing, printed materials and much more.
  • Crestcom Website

    Crestcom website design and develpment

  • Crestcom Franchise Mobile Website

    Crestcom Franchise Mobile app

  • Crestcom Collateral Materials

    Crestcom B2B collateral materials

  • Crestcom B2B Company Brochure

    Crestcom brochure design copywriting and layout

  • Crestcom Sales Sheets

    Sales sheet for Crestcom

  • TE-IB
    TE-IB B2B marketing campaign included printed ads, trade show booths and materials, website, digital marketing, and much more.
  • NECTOR Direct Mail Product Launch

    Design and distribution of a direct mailer for new B2B product launch.

  • NECTOR Product Packaging

    Sample product packaging and mailer for marketing new B2B product launch.

  • TE-IB Banners for Tradeshow

    Large tradeshow banners to announce new B2B product launch and raise customer interest. 


    B2B product launch ads designed for industry specific publications. 

  • TE-IB 3D Intelligent Building Design video
    TE- IB - 3D Intelligent Building Design video production
  • TE-IB Intelligent Building Press Release
    Press Release for TE's 3D Intelligent Building Design
  • Allen Distribution

    Allen Distribution's B2B marketing strategy consisted of printed marketing, digital marketing, and website design and development.

  • Allen Distribution Website

    Allen Distribution needed to interact with their customer on a higher level with a well thoughout design responsive website.

  • Allen Distribution Collateral Materials

    Sacunas specializes in B2B branding. Branding is not just a logo, it is a complete set of collateral materials that create a cohesive statement about your company.

  • Allen Distribution Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is an important part of a good marketing plan. Sacuans is ready to help you step into the digital arena with eblast campaigns, social media, and digital ads. It's time to be found on the web.

  • Allen Distribution Fleet Design

    Allen Distributions new look has been taken to the road on the fleet's vehicles.

  • PaOnTrack
    The CDM Smith public information campaign consisted of infographics, website, webinars, public notices, printed materials and digital marketing.
  • CDM Smith PAOntrack Website
    The PAOntrack website built as a conduit to the public to release important project updates and allow for public feedback.
  • CDM Smith Infographic
    Gather a lot of information quickly with well thought out infographics that tell the story with visual and text elements.
  • CDM Smith Demographics Infographic
    Infographics are a great way to interact with the user and provide a lot of information at a glance.
  • CDM Smith Rail Infographic
    Infographics should be fun and informative while providing the user with facts at a glance.
  • CDM Infographic Posters
    Grab peoples attention and communicate the facts fast with digital or printed infographics.
  • PaTripsByTrain
    PaTripsByTrain public information campaign consists of website, digital marketing, social media campaigns, printed materials, videos and much more.
  • 02-PATrips-NYC-landingpage.jpg
  • 03-PATrips-Arrive-FINAL2.jpg
  • 04-PATrips-Arrive-FINAL3.jpg
  • 05-PATrips-banner-folio.jpg
  • 06-PATrips-brochure-rack.jpg
  • Lebanon Transit
    Lebanon Transit's marketing strategy consisted of website, billboards, seasonal community marketing, and bus stop posters.
  • LT-landing-page
  • LT_BreakUp_Posters
  • LT-LeavingYou_BB
  • Needy_BB_Env
  • Lebanon Transit Press Release
    Press Release for Award Winning Lebanon Transit Breakup With Your Car Campaign
  • TE-Energy
    TE-Energy B2B marketing strategy included videos, infographics, tradeshow booths, printed materials, interactive digital marketing and much more.
  • TE-Mining_Brochure
    TE Energy multi-language mining brochure design and printing
  • TE-Mining_Infographic
  • TE-Rail_LandingPage
  • TE-Rail_eBlast
  • TE-Rail_InfraRail_BoothDesign
  • TE-Rail_InfraRail_BoothDesign_Event1
  • CCPA
    Coventry Cares campaign consisted of billboards, bus stop posters, digital marketing and website.
  • CCPA_LandingPage
  • CCPA-LatMom-More-BB
  • CCPA-Kids-Transit
  • CCPA_Brochure
  • CCPA-MemberAds
  • CCPA-HealthyTipsAds
  • CSG
    The Community Services Group marketing campaign included website, digital marketing, social marketing, and printed materials.
  • csg-website-home
  • CSG-EAP_Posters
  • CSG-EAP_Brochure
  • CSG_Recruitment_Brochure
  • csg-facebook
  • Lane Enterprises
    The Lane Enterprise account included printed materials, website development, technical specification documents, new product launches, new product branding and much more.
  • Lane_Logo_FINAL
  • Lane-website-home
  • lane-binder-mockup
  • Lane_Product_Brochures
  • Lane_banner_folio
  • StormKeeper_Logo_FINAL
  • Lane_PerfectStorm_ad
  • TE-ADM
    TE-ADM is a B2B campaign consisting of press releases, eNewsletters, digital marketing, new product packaging, website, and printed materials.
  • TE-ADM_FullPage_SME_Footprints_Ads
  • TE-ADM_FullPage_Deeper_Ads
  • TE-ADM-tb
  • TE-ADM_MES_Josselin_Feature
  • TE-ADM_MEA_PowersCoons_Feature
  • TE-ADM_MES_Powers_Feature
  • ARRO
    The marketing strategy for ARRO consisted of multiple elements including printed materials, website development and digital marketing.
  • ARRO_BrandBoard_TopLevel
  • ARRO_Ads
  • ARRO_Magazine_FINAL3
  • Arro_Collateral_FINAL
  • Arro_website_FINAL
  • Boston Mutual
    A multi-language marketing campaign that consisted of printed materials, website and digital marketing.
  • BM_Logo_FINAL
  • BM_Collateral_FINAL
  • BM_OpenBrochures2
  • BM_Website_FINAL
  • BM_eBlast
  • Reading Hospital
    The Reading Hospital campaign included billboards, website, digital marketing, and printed materials.
  • Reading_BrandBoard
  • ReadingHospital_landingpage_final
  • Reading_Collateral_FINAL
  • Reading_ad
  • Reading-BB


client testimonials

“Congratulations on achieving 25 Years in business! It’s been a pleasure to work with you! Thank you for your excellent work and support over the years.”

Charles Parsons, Vice President, Crestcom International

Our people

who we are

DeAnna Halewski - The Strategist

THE Strategist

If you could bottle this brilliance, your pockets would be Grand Canyon deep.

Todd Scott - The Linquist

THE Linguist

Making verbal strokes of genius happen regularly.

Tim Prough - The Artist

THE Artist

Creativity that leaves no perspective unexplored.

Jamie Judy - The Techie

THE Techie

Always engaged in a ruthless quest to make it cooler.

Our Team

Extensively B2B trained. Award-winning. Focused. Kind of like your personal SEAL Team Six.

Our Experience

Yeah, we’ve got that. But we’re also tirelessly studying industry trends, proven tactics and experimental concepts.

Our Passion

Whatever it takes. We thrive on doing great work for great clients no matter what.

Adam Vasquez

OUR Leadership

Adam Vasquez

As President of Sacunas Incorporated, Adam‘s vision is to make Sacunas the leading business-to-business agency in the world. With more than 18 years of leadership, management and marketing experience, Adam supports agency clients with extensive knowledge in the automotive, transportation, manufacturing, and technology sectors across North America, Europe and Asia.

Known for his ability to develop breakthrough strategy for clients that deliver results, Adam is skilled at developing high-impact online & offline marketing programs that transform businesses and government. His efforts have not only achieved industry accolades but have served as an engine for sustained growth, profitability and mission success for a number of organizations.

Adam has a unique depth of experience helping clients integrate digital strategies into their sales and marketing mix. Other areas of expertise include research, marketing strategy, branding, new product development, lead generation and content marketing, customer relationship management, application integration, website and mobile application development, social media management and implementation.

He has supported programs for a number of agency clients, including TE Connectivity, Solera Holdings, Philips, PennDOT, Baker International, and Gannett Fleming Engineers to name a few. As a consultant he has worked with General Motors, Ford, Avaya, Bank of America, the US Department of Transportation, US Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, State of California, and the State of Michigan.

Prior to joining the agency, Adam was the Chief Marketing Officer for Solera (NYSE: SLH) based in Dallas, Texas.

Adam holds a bachelor’s degree from Randolph-Macon College, and master’s degrees in e-commerce and business administration from University of Maryland.


Nancy H. Sacunas

OUR Leadership

Nancy H. Sacunas, APR
Founder/Senior Strategist

As Founder of Sacunas, Inc. Nancy’s commitment to excellence in communications has been instrumental in making the agency one of the top business-to-business boutique marketing and branding agencies in nation. As Sacunas celebrates its 25th year in business, Nancy has passed the leadership of the company on to Adam Vasquez, a key client of the agency for more than 7 years. And while Nancy has passed the baton, she continues to support the agency’s clients as a Senior Strategist.

As a well-respected business leader in the community, Nancy is best known for her professionalism, style and integrity. A recipient of over 5 dozen awards for excellence in communications, she was named one of the Best 50 Women in Business by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and one of the Top 20 Women of Influence in central Pennsylvania.

Nancy serves on the Board of Directors of the Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Millers Mutual Insurance Company.


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As a Top B2B Agency in the nation, we’re always looking for good people to support our clients with fresh thinking, bold ideas and smart strategies.

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